Dianabol Body Nutrition

Dianabol Body Nutrition

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Body Nutrition Dianabol 

Pack Size – 100 Tablets

Strength – 10 mg

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Brand – Body Nutrition

Pack Size – 100 Tablets

Strength – 10 mg

Dianabol is the king of the orals and is by far the most popular oral on the planet. Coming in different dosages and colours this drug is often the virginity breaker for newbies to steroid. The main reason is it offers rapid gains in strength and size and being in oral form it is ideal for a novice.

Being a 17-aa AAS this can be liver toxic drug so long cycles are not recommended. Usually doses range from 30-50mg/day for advanced users, newbies will want to start from 10-20mg/day. Doses are ususally split into 2 during the day due to the half life of this product being around 5-6 hours. Dianabol is often used as a kickstarter on a injectable cycle with compounds such as TESTOSTERONE ENANTHATE and DECA DURABOLIN.
Due to the highly androgenic effects caused by dianabol it is wise to include tamoxifen, clomid, proviron or even arimidex.

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